Our Story

Stealing Eden launched out of Vancouver BC in late 2008. Created by singer David Ottoson, who had a vision to start a new dynamic rock band after his previous band Noise Therapy parted ways. Members from Among The Betrayed, as well as Severfuse, rounded out the final lineup and began writing their debut album.

Stealing Eden was signed to indie label Moshpit Records and started recording their debut album Truth In Tragedy between early 2009 to late 2010. The recording process was littered with bumps and turmoil. There were member changes, label disputes, producer changes, separations, to name a few of the many challenges that were faced.

The fact that Truth In Tragedy ever saw the light of day was astonishing. Through everything that had previously transpired, Truth In Tragedy was finally released worldwide on April 12th 2011. The anticipated album was well received, Stealing Eden was acknowledged as an underground band with the potential to make its way to international stardom. Millions of Youtube and online streaming views, yet Stealing Eden is still not a household name, so, what happened?

The record label Stealing Eden were signed to halted funds with no promotion and crumbled. After Stealing Eden’s Canadian Tour bassist Sean Sali made the decision to quit music for good.

Songwriter/Guitar player Maximus and Vocalist/Producer David Ottoson decided to take a break and focus on family as well as their other projects. Maximus and Monty restarted their other project Among The Betrayed and David focused on producing and recording bands.

Late 2015 and onward… Stealing Eden have started writing songs for the follow up of Truth In Tragedy for a 2016 release. Stay tuned